Exhibition moves further to Paraćin, Serbia 2009 VI 04
After Belgrade, the exhibition was immediately moved to the southern parts of Serbia - the town of Paraćin.
Grand opening of OrthPhoto.Net Exhibition in Poland 2009 V 14
Bialystok's Orthodox Culture Centre received a great number of interested people and orthphoto users on the day of the official beginning of OrthPhoto.net Anniversary exhibition.
Belgrade Orthphoto Exhibition has been opened! 2009 V 10
On Saturday 9th May 2009 Belgrade exhibition has been opened in the Parish Hall of St Sava Temple.
Orthphoto Anniversary Exhibitions have started! 2009 V 01
We are glad to inform you that Orthphoto Anniversary Exhibitions have already started! And we will have few more openings
Photo exhibition in Varna celebrates the 5th anniversary of Orthphoto.net 2009 IV 23
This Easter (April 19) in the spirit and education center “St. Archangel Mihail” His Holiness the metropolitan of Varna and Veliki Preslav d-r Kiril opened an exhibition of Orthodox photography from the web site оrthphoto.net. Among the official guests were the deputy mayor of Varna Mr. Kosta Bazitov and the Bulgarian coordinator of the site, Mr. Atanas Dimitrov.
Promoting the Exhibition 2009 IV 08
Being about to finalise all the preparations for the 5the anniversary of the site as well as the exhibitions taking place in different countries, we would like to ask our users to do what is in their power to promote the site, especially the exhibition.
Music CD 2009 IV 06
Music CD background for the exhibition is ready.
Photo selection is over 2009 III 25
We would like to thank all the authors who sent their photos and help us organise these events for our 5th anniversary.
Send Your Photos for Orthphoto Anniversary Exhibition! 2009 II 17
We want to invite you to choose your 3 best photos (published on orthphoto) and send them to us by email. The editorial team will select 300 photos and the rest will be presented on the CD presentation.
Preparation for the 5th Anniversary of Orthphoto 2009 II 12
This year orthphoto will celebrate 5 years of existence. It is not too much in terms of a lifetime but in internet it is quite a long period. During this time, we were trying to make a good service to our users as much as possible, taking into consideration that all team members are volunteers and use their free time to work for orthphoto. We hope it was worth as the number of visitors and orthphoto friends is still growing.
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