2011 I 28 Vernisage of ORTHPHOTO exhibition- “Monasticism” in Stargard, Poland
The ecumenical week was a special time for the society of Stargard. On January 22nd 2011 there was an opening of the “Monasticism” photo exhibition. It took place in the Cultural Center and it was accompanied by a New Year’s meeting of orthodox parishioners from Stargard. The co-organizator and the parish priest from the Parish of St.Peter and St. Paul, Jaroslaw Birylko, said a few words about monasticism and its importance for orthodox believers. The representatives of a local government, Waldemar Gil and Rafal Zajac, officially opened the exhibition.

The exhibition consists of 200 images which present monasticism in 25 countries. The photos present architecture of monasteries, portraits of monks and nuns, praying and working.

Subsequently, the participants of the meeting were offered delicious refreshment. After that they sang carols together and listened to chants sang by a duet “Russkaja Dusza” from Torun and “Sotiria” choir from Gorzow wielkopolski.

The meeting was also attended by several members of the local government.
The exhibition was organized by orthodox parish of St. Peter and St. Paul in Stargard Szczecinski, the fellowship Chrześcijańska Godność from Stargard and the local cultural center. The exhibition is open until February 15th, 2011.