2011 II 03 Orthphoto at The International Festiwal of Carol Singing in Terespol
For the second time OrthPhoto exhibition accompanied 16th International Festival of Carol singing in Terespol. 3 choirs and groups (almost 700 performers) sang carols for over 10 hours. They presented the carol-singing traditions of the east-border region.
The event was a real trat not only for music-lovers but also for those who are interested in visual arts. For the second time now, the festival was accompanied by a vernisage of OrthPhoto exhibition. This time, however, the images presented came from OrthPhoto’s 1st thematic exhibition – “Monasticism” The objective of this exhibition was to show the importance of monasteries in life of orthodox church. “Monasticism” comprised a collection of 200 images taken in 25 countries. The architecture of ancient monasteries as well as the new ones, portraits of monks and nuns, everyday life in a monastery – prayer and work. This varied compillation of stunning photographs allowed the viewers to appreciate the importance of monasteries not only in present-day world but also their place in the past.
The event took place in Terespol’s Cultural Center and was attended by about 1500 people.