Orthphoto.net exhibitions
Orthphoto.net exhibitions
This site was created to promote every exhibition organized by Orthphoto editorial team.
You can find here news from events, schedule of all exhibitions and many useful information for those who want to visit exhibition or help to show them in cities where orthphoto users lives.

The first exhibition organized with Orthphoto photos was made by Serbian users together with photo club from Beocin city.

Editorial team of our photo service organized its first official international exhibition for the 5th anniversary in 2009. We have asked users to send their best photos and also to work in team in order to select some of the best photos published by users. Exhibition was simultaneously presented in 5 countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Serbia and Russia. Everywhere many people come to see 300 photos from 43 countries made by 170 Orthphoto users.
The exhibition is still in use this year we will have it in Belarus and Switzerland. Hopefully, we will present it in England and Holland, too. We also hope that new people or organizations will want to have it in their cities.

This year (2010) we have organized the second Christian orthodox international exhibition - this time a thematic one, about monasticism. In all the 200 photos from 20 countries we have tried present as good as possible monastic life.

This web page is just an introduction to our exhibition - we hope it will allow you to learn more about them and you will help us in promotion and organization exhibition in your cities, anywhere in the world where there is an interest in photography about Christian Orthodox life and places.