In detail about the Exhibition

The selection of the photos that will participate in the Exhibition were done according 4 main criteria:
- the country where the photos was taken,
- the quality of the photos,
- the most interesting photos, and,
- if a selected photo was sent by author in high resolution.

We tried to select at least one photo from the authors who responded to our call to send their best photos, as well as at least one notable photo from the majority of the countries.

The photos are printed with the original captions.  The caption has the following information: id photo from orthphoto, author name, login and country of residence, title of photo and place were photo  was taken.  (full list of photos,translation)


5 exhibitions for 5 years

At the moment we have 5 exhibitions prepared, but there is still a possibilty to have more copies:

  • Bulgaria: two exhibitions, one is organized with the Metropolia of Rousse and the second in Varna.  Both size 30x40 cm and both start 19 april
  • Poland: photo size 30x40, printed on pvc, officially starts on 3rd May in Bialystok.
  • Russia,  organized with the magazine FOMA, photo size 30x40, printed on pvc officially starts on 6th May at Petropavloska krepost in st. Petersburg
  • Serbia, photo size 20x30, starts from Beograd on 9th May

photos on CD

We have received around 430 photos - not all of htem can we select, so we have decided to  prepare  slideshow for projector which could be played separatly during the exhibition.



For the Exhibition we have prepared music background which consists of Orthodox church chants. Thanks to editorial team members and "The International Festival 'The Hajnowka's days of Orthodox Music' we could collect many chants from different parts of Orthodox world.


Exhibition in your city

If you want to help promote the site and show the beauty of Orthodox Christianity, you can help us organize the exhibition in your city - please, visit this  page

If you want to see the exhibition, visit the page with shedule to see where the exhibition will take place