In this section I would like to present You a Music CD. A CD that will be a music background for the our Exhobition project. I was trying to put a different orthodox church music from different countries, in different languages. The result? I hope You will judge it by yourself, during the Exhibition.

We want to thank Atanas, Vladimir  and Sonja from editorial team who helped to collect some chants.
The biggest church music source gave us "The International  Festival 'The Hajnowka's days of Orthodox Music' ".  This orthodox organization from Poland gave us the permission to play, chants we chose, during the exhibition (and only for that purpose).  We are very grateful for every one who helped us with this Music CD.

Since now, we have 55 chants ( 3 hours,  5 min. ). There will be  prepared Music CD  in audio and  Music CD in MP3.