The list of sponsors will consist of those who sponsor the entire exhibition and then those who will support the exhibition in specific countries locally. The links to their web pages and logos should be added.



Until now our site was 100% supported by the Orthodox Internet Service, (web site for Polish Orthodox users). In 5 years, we have grown up and number of photos and visits has become too big, so we need to be self-financing.
Because of all this, we need some financial support and we have already started looking for it. If you are willing to help us we will be more than happy to accept your suggestions and any kind of help:

- if you know any possibility were we can apply for a grant or are familiar with any sponsor who we can write a letter to, please inform us;
- if you want to help us with fundraising, please contact us by e-mail;
- you can donate some money to our account, even the smallest amounts mean to us a lot:
Account number: PL 15 1020 1332 0000 1002 0209 5222
code BIC (Swift): BPKOPLPW
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